Dealing with Weather

If you live in an area that experiences more than one season, you know that weather and temperature play a major role in the success of your garden. During winter, most people can only garden successfully indoors due to the cold temperatures. However, an unusually late frost can be devastating to your plants.

Thanks to the ability to forecast inclement weather, there are things you can do to protect your garden if a cold spell is a part of your local 10 day weather forecast. This section has tips about dealing with frost. You'll also find information about how to prepare your vines for the winter. There are also a few tips about planting a winter garden. Regardless of the temperature, you can still have a beautiful garden.

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   Cold-Weather Flower Gardens
While many people think that you can only have a beautiful garden in summer, you truly can have a gorgeous winter garden as well. If you make sure to plant your flowers before the ground freezes, and you water them regularly, you should have no problem keeping up your winter plants. Make sure that you choose appropriate cold-weather plants to grow.

   Dealing with Ice and Snow
When the snow begins to fall in our yards, we can easily find ourselves faced with a huge problem. This problem is known as ice and snow. While ice and snow is really pretty to look at, it isn't all that great to walk around on. Dealing with ice and snow is a task that is vitally important if you would like to keep the curb appeal of your home looking its best, not to mention the safety factor.

   How Frost Affects Plants
Part of being a good gardener is understanding how the weather affects the plants in your garden or landscape. While everyone knows that frost will affect plants, and not necessarily in a good way, not everyone knows why. Here is a little bit of background about how frost affects plants.

   Making a Great Winter Container Garden
Have you been experiencing the winter blahs, and miss your time in the garden? Instead of waiting till the weather changes again, try making a great winter container garden. Container gardens are perfect for gardening all year around. Here's what you need to do.

   Preparing Vines for Winter
Vines are a great addition to any garden, or landscape design, but how do you prepare your vines for the coming cold weather? Taking the proper steps in preparing your vines for winter will ensure that you can enjoy these beautiful perennial additions year after year.

   Protect Young Plants from Frost with Plastic Bottles
Young plants need protection, or they can be killed with as little as some late frost. If you want to protect the new growth in your garden, simply cut the bottoms off of clear two-liter bottles to create individual covers for your plants. Stick the covers over the plants with the cap removed and the bottle will keep the heat from the sun in while letting in enough air for the plant to thrive.

   Watch Out for Frost with Bedding Plants
Bedding plants act as wonderful decorations for your yard or garden, but they are fragile. If you plant your bedding plants too early, they may be killed by a late frost. Wait until the evenings warm up before planting your bedding plants, or better yet, watch what the professionals are doing at your local nursery.


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