Bedding Plants

Bedding plants can add some variety to your garden and your home. However, they do require special handling. This section contains tips on caring for your bedding plants including how to make moving them around easier and when and where to plant them.

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   Fall Bedding
Just as you prepare a garden bed for the springtime, you can also prepare your garden bed for the fall and early winter. The thing is that fall bedding is going to be a little different than other kinds of bedding. Just be sure that you keep in mind these guidelines.

   Foliage Bedding
If you are thinking of creating a flowerbed in your landscape design, you really need to focus on the foliage. By keeping in mind a few simple guidelines you can choose the perfect foliage bedding for your needs. Just remember to take your time, and not rush into anything.

   Move around Bedding Plants
Keeping tons of plants all over your home and yard can be a hassle, so instead use fewer, more portable plants. Lightweight potted plants can be moved from place to place to make any room or area of your home more inviting. To keep your plants portable, use lightweight pots or pots with wheels. To make a larger pot easier to move, layer foam with cat litter and soil.

   Spring Bedding
Just because the weather begins to warm up in the springtime doesn't mean your worries are over. Make sure that your spring bedding is ready to handle potential problems by following these steps That is, if you would like to have a spring garden bed that you can be proud of.

   Watch Out for Frost with Bedding Plants
Bedding plants act as wonderful decorations for your yard or garden, but they are fragile. If you plant your bedding plants too early, they may be killed by a late frost. Wait until the evenings warm up before planting your bedding plants, or better yet, watch what the professionals are doing at your local nursery.

   Winter Bedding
While using the proper bedding can be an important task all year round for the gardener, it is doubly important when winter time rolls around. Winter bedding isn't all that difficult to understand, though it does pay to keep a few things in mind.

   Xeriscaping Plants
When planting in your xeriscape, choose plants that can grow in drought-like conditions. Just because you've chosen to conserve water doesn't mean that you can't grow all types of flowers and plants. Simply choose those that grow in your native climate, or that can grow with less water.


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