Water Features

The perfect finishing touch for a garden—or hey, a perfect starting point for landscaping a garden—is a water feature. Everything water can do can be a water feature: everything from a placid birdbath to a bubbling pool to a spritzing fountain to a gushing waterfall or a cascading rapids splashing from one ceramic panel to another. There is no end of designs! And in our tips you'll find the side issues of water features, too, like aerators, water recovery systems...and the removal of a water feature (if your lease is up and the landlord wants to put in a parking lot).

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   Adding a Garden Water Fountain
Adding elegance and visual interest to any garden, a water fountain also provides the relaxing sound of trickling water. Once installed, a garden water fountain can provide years of pleasure with minimal maintenance.

   Adding a Water Feature to Your Yard
Do you want to add something interesting and beautiful to your yard? Try a water feature.

   Choosing a Water Feature
Water can create a very calm and inviting atmosphere. If you want to bring this idea to your yard, think about adding a water feature.

   Designing Your Own Water Feature
If you are interested in installing a water feature into your landscape design, why not take the opportunity to design your own? Designing your own water feature doesn't have to be difficult, all you really need is a bit of imagination.

   Installing Water Aerators for Water Features
If you have a water feature, then you should also make sure that you have an aerator installed. These small tools are a great way to ensure that the water stays fresh, and doesn't become stagnant. If you don't have one, installing water aerators for water features is pretty easy to do, and should only take you a little bit of time to do.

   Removing a Water Feature
Water features are a great addition to just about any landscape design, when they work. However, there are times when a water feature simply won't work. When this happens, about the only option left is to get rid of it. If you are thinking of removing a water feature, then here's what you need to do.


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