House Plants

House plants are a great way to bring some of nature indoors and be easy to care for. They last all year and look great. There are several different types of plants you can have in your home. Some provide aesthetic beauty, some have medicinal value, and others can provide food.

The tips in this section are full of great information for growing, cleaning, and maintaining the plants in your home. You'll find information for cleaning your plants with a banana peel and for caring for ferns.

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   Aesthetic Potting
Potted plants can be a wonderful addition to any landscaping design, or even if used as a decoration for your home. However, if the wrong type of pot is used, instead of an aesthetically pleasing design, you'll simply have an eyesore. Here are some of the tricks to aesthetic potting.

   Aloe Vera House Plants
While native to more tropical regions, Aloe Vera can also be a fantastic house plant. However, in order to get your Aloe Vera house plants looking their best, you need to know a little bit about it. Here is some great information that you can use to help ensure that your new house plant will look its best year round.

   Caring for Poinsettias
Poinsettias are one of the most beloved of all "Christmas" plants, and are sought out year after year for their beauty and charm. While these plants are most often a houseplant in northern climates, it is possible to transfer them outdoors if you know the proper steps for caring for poinsettias.

   Choosing Your Houseplants
Whether you have a huge house or a tiny apartment, house plants can help brighten up any home. That is, if you have chosen the right houseplants to use. Learn how to know if you are choosing your houseplants correctly.

   Clean Houseplant Leaves with Banana Skins
Houseplants can be very useful in decorating your home, but you must keep them looking good. Make sure to clean any dead leaves away from your plant. To keep your leaves shiny as well as dust free, wipe them down with banana peels.

   Decorative Planters
Planters can be more than just an item to hold and protect your plants. Rather, they can also be a great element for decoration and style in your home. The trick lies in choosing the correct decorative planters.

   Flower Arrangements
Many people think there is some secret to arranging flowers like the pros. In all actuality though, flower arrangements are a relatively easy thing to create. All you need is a little material, some imagination, and a little practice. Use these guidelines to help you out.

   Indoor Gardening
Indoor plants can be used to brighten the inside of your house just like the outside. Be sure that your plant gets everything that it needs. Buy plants that require low amounts of light. Give the plants as much light as you can. Water the right amount with room temperature water. Use clean pots for ever new plant, and use fertilizer when necessary.

   Keep Dust Off of Your Houseplants
Dusting your houseplants can be a tedious chore. Instead of cleaning all of your houseplants yourself, recruit your children to help. Using a paintbrush instead of a rag to dust your plants can make plant dusting a fun game for children to play.

   Keeping Your House Plants Healthy
Of all the possible "tricks" you can learn in gardening, the most difficult has to be learning how to keep your plants healthy. House plants, just like any other kind of plant, need a little help in keeping them healthy. Here is what you need to know in order to begin keeping your house plants healthy.

   Low Maintenance Houseplants
Are you having trouble keeping your houseplants alive? If so, maybe you have simply chosen the wrong kind of plant to keep around your home. Take a look at this list of beautiful houseplants that are also fairly low maintenance. After all, why not use low maintenance houseplants if you can find some that are also really beautiful to look at?

   Properly Caring for your Houseplants
Gardens don't have to belong only outside. With some water and a little care, houseplants can beautify any spot in your home. Here are a few guidelines that you can use to make sure you are properly caring for your houseplants.

   Protecting Potted Plants from Cold Weather
Anyone who has ever grown potted plants knows just how much havoc cold weather can play with them. If you are thinking about growing some potted plants, then you need to know how to protect them. Protecting potted plants from cold weather isn't that difficult if you keep in mind a few simple things.

   Taking Care of Ferns
Perhaps one of the most common and beloved of all houseplants is the fern. Just because they are among the most common and beloved of plants though, doesn't mean that people know the best ways for taking care of ferns. That is where we come in.

   Transferring Potted Plants
When a potted plant has more stems and leaves than soil in its pot, then it's time to transfer the plant to a larger pot. Always maintain at least four inches of empty space between the plant stems and the outside rim of a pot. It's time to transfer your potted plant when the space becomes less.


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