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Planting flowers and smaller plants is generally a simple process that requires a few basic garden tools. If, however, you are putting in a garden for the first time or have more difficult work to do, you'll most likely need to use power garden tools. These tools are useful for mowing the lawn, cutting branches off a tree, or breaking up hard soil.

The tips in this section include some reviews of a few power garden tools, information on how to use a weed whacker, chainsaw, and lawn mover. You'll also find tips on cleaning and maintaining your power tools.

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   Advice for Electric Mower or Cutter in the Garden
Electric powered yard equipment can be extremely useful, especially since it is usually lighter than gas powered equipment. When using electric equipment, you must keep safety in mind. Always keep your cutters away from the cord, and keep the cord out of puddles to prevent electrocution.

   Choosing a Lawn Mower
Choosing the right lawn mower can simplify lawn mowing and keep your grass looking healthy. No matter what your yard size or landscape is like, there's a lawn mower out there for you.

   Cleaning Your Lawn Mower
If you're going to spend a few hundred dollars to purchase a lawn mower, it stands to reason that you should clean it and maintain it so that it will last many years. Follow these handy tips to clean your lawn mower and keep it in good condition for years to come.

   Finding the Right Mowing Height
Grass lengths can make a big difference in the health of your lawn. Depending on how your grass is used, what type you have, and where it is situated, you need to cut your lawn to different lengths. Never cut below 1/2 inch. For best results, research the type of grass you have, then follow our guide.

   Great Starter Trimmer
Are you new to using electric trimmers, and not sure what kind you want to use? If so, you may want to consider using the Worx Electric Hedge Trimmer. Here is some first hand information about using one of these great starter trimmers.

   Look After Your Lawnmower Engine
Every time you store your lawnmower, you may be damaging it. The lead-free gas that you use in your lawnmower can thicken when it is stored, and the thickened gas will clog up the carburetor and stop your mower from running. Make sure to run your lawnmower engine dry every summer before you store it.

   Maintaining a Chainsaw
A chainsaw is a great tool to have around the home, but without proper maintenance it can quickly become an expensive paperweight. For the most part maintaining a chainsaw is relatively easy, as long as you keep in mind a few simple things. Here are a few things that you can do to keep your chainsaw in good working order.

   Properly Using a Chainsaw
If you have a chainsaw, or are planning on getting one, then knowing how to properly use it is a vital necessity. Properly using a chainsaw is mainly a matter of using some common sense. Here are some simple guidelines that can help you ensure you know the correct method for using a chainsaw.

   Properly Using a Weed Whacker
Whether you call it by its brand name of Weed Whacker or Weed Eater, a weed whacker is a string or line trimmer, and they all work under the same principle. That is, turn a string or wire fast enough, and it will cut down weeds or grass in its path.

   Using a Power Tiller
Using a power tiller is the most efficient and quickest way to cultivate your soil. Not only used for gardens, power tillers also aerate soil, weed, and break new ground before laying sod. Choose a power tiller based upon the size of land you will till.


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