Properly Using a Chainsaw

Written by Lee Wyatt (last updated August 24, 2022)


Have you ever been a little nervous about using a chainsaw? Using a chainsaw can be a tricky prospect for those who have never used one before. Luckily properly using a chainsaw is primarily a matter of using common sense. Here are a few simple guidelines that you can follow to make certain that you are using your chainsaw properly the next time think about picking it up.

  • Read the manual. Before you ever think about using a chainsaw, you should always carefully read the manual. Inside the manual you will find the manufacturers recommendations for using the chainsaw, how to do it safely, as well as other important information that you should be aware of. Do not merely glance through the owner's manual, but rather you will need to read it cover to cover. Just as you studied for the drives test before you drove, you should take the same level of care before you begin to use the chainsaw.
  • Keep the chainsaw maintained. Whenever you are planning on using a chainsaw you need to make sure that you have been maintaining it. This means that you need to periodically check the chainsaw just as you would with any other mechanical device. Check to make sure that your oil reservoir is filled properly, as well as there is fuel for the chainsaw as well. Keep in mind that you get the proper mix for your fuel though, since you can damage your engine that way. Periodically you will need to make sure that you have your chain set to the proper tension level, as well as the blades being sharpened on that chain.
  • Set it down with care. Whenever you set down the chainsaw you need to make sure that you have turned it off properly. This means that you turn the power switch off, the choke all the way in, and the engine has stopped before you put it down. Otherwise, if you don't you can end up damaging the blade, the engine, or even hurt yourself or another if you are not careful.
  • Be careful when picking it up. The thing about a chainsaw is that it is just as dangerous as any weapon. Think of any chainsaw as a gun, and treat it as such whenever you pick it up. Make sure that no one is around when you pick it up, or even when you are using it. With even the slightest slip, you can end up hurting yourself or someone else seriously.

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2013-10-08 09:50:05

Dave White

Two more tips for using a chainsaw:

Always wear safety glasses or goggles, hearing protection and good fitting work gloves. Sawdust and small wood chips in your eyes make you blink and interfere with your vision. A dangerous situation with a chainsaw in your hands.

Watch the cutting chain all the time. if it looks loose shut off the saw and tighten it. A loose chain can fly off the saw or wedge the saw into what you're cutting.


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