You planted your garden carefully and took precautions to protect them, including putting down a weed barrier and mulch. Somehow, weeds have still managed to find a way to be a part of your garden. Even the best-planned area can be prone to weeds.

The tips in this section can help you fight back when the weeds appear. You'll find great information to prevent the weeds before they start and what you can do about them when they join your plants. Weed killer is an option and there are some great tips about using the chemical options along with some natural ways you can kill the weeds.

Tips, Tricks, and Answers

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   Dealing with Bishop's Weed
Depending on who you ask, Bishop's Weed can either be a great ground cover, or one of the most annoying and tenacious weeds to have ever entered a garden. The reason for this is that, while it can be a beautiful ground cover, it is one of the most aggressive plants you may ever find yourself faced with. Don't' make dealing with Bishop's Weed unnecessarily difficult; instead use one of these methods.

   Dealing with Broadleaf Weeds
Of all the weeds that a homeowner can find themselves faced with, the most common belong to the broadleaf category. Dealing with broadleaf weeds isn't difficult, but you may get a little dirty. Just follow these simple instructions.

   Getting Rid of Dandelions
Dandelions are one flower that is an eyesore in your lawn. They are extremely difficult to kill off, but you can do it with a little bit of work. Mow them often to keep them from seeding. Kill the rest off by pulling them out by the roots. Alternatives to this are boiling them, using vinegar on them, burning them, or making your soil too rich for the dandelions.

   Getting Rid of Morning Glory
While some people absolutely love the look and smell of Morning Glory, there are just as many people who view it as an obnoxious weed. Whether you are the kind that likes it, or the kind that hates it, there may come a time when you need to remove this pesky plant from your home. Here's how.

   Getting Rid of Star of Bethlehem
Depending on whom you ask, Star of Bethlehem is either a weed or a beautiful flower. The thing is, regardless of how you look at this beautiful flower it is an extremely aggressive plant that can easily become a problem. If you have some in your garden, you really should learn some methods for getting rid of Star of Bethlehem.

   Getting Rid of Unwanted Plants
Arguably one of the most annoying things that you could see in your garden is some plants growing that you don't want there. At times getting rid of unwanted plants can seem like an overwhelming task. That is, until you learn some of the basics of how to do it.

   Getting Rid of Weeds
Weeds are a huge hassle while gardening. They can be almost impossible to get rid of, and will certainly lead to a lot of work. If you do not plan on growing anything where the weeds are, use RoundUp or salt to kill everything. If you will plant things, try laying down plastic or newspaper around your plants to kill the new, unwanted growth.

   How to Get Rid of Couch Grass
Couch grass can ruin your lawn and choke out the plants in your garden. Make sure to remove couch grass before it starts to spread. You can either fork out couch grass or use a selective herbicide to clear your flower beds of this nasty weed.

   Identifying and Dealing with Poison Ivy
Just about every person has had some experience with poison ivy in their lives. Usually, this experience was not a very enjoyable one. Identifying and dealing with poison ivy before it becomes a problem is the best way to prevent a recurrence of a common childhood problem. All you need to do is follow these guidelines.

   Identifying Perennial Weeds
Some of the more troublesome types of weeds that you can experience in your garden are those that come back year after year. Learning the tricks of identifying perennial weeds can go a long way to helping you get rid of the problem the minute it shows up.

   Is Moss a Type of Weed?
Have you ever noticed how most plants are placed into one of two categories, plant or weed, by homeowners and gardeners? There are a few plants, such as moss, that can be placed into that weird middle category where people aren't really sure. So, is moss a type of weed? Keep reading to find out.

   Is Star of Bethlehem a Weed?
Star of Bethlehem is one of those interesting plants that can either be considered a flower or a weed. In large part it will depend on who you ask, and what they want for their landscaping. Here are a few guidelines that you can use to help determine whether or not that Star of Bethlehem is a weed or not.

   Kill Dandelions Easily with Salt
While many weed killers can kill dandelions, salt is one of the only cures that remove the plant permanently and won't let it spread. Simply pour some salt on the base of the plant. While the salt will take a while to kill the plant, it will destroy the roots and stop the plant from spreading.

   Killing Dandelions without Killing Your Grass
While dandelions may be a favorite of children, they aren't exactly all that good for your grass. Unfortunately, if the wrong steps are taken when getting rid of dandelions, you can end up seriously damaging your lawn. Here are a few methods that you can use to begin killing dandelions without killing your grass.

   Preventing an Annual Crop of Weeds
Keeping weeds out of a garden or flowerbed seems to be a never-ending battle. What strategies can be used by the interested novice in stemming the tide of these perennially pernicious invaders? Here are a few simple ideas that should help turn the battle in your favor.

   Preventing Broadleaf Weeds
The best method for preventing broadleaf weeds in your lawn is to practice good lawn-mowing techniques, adequately water and fertilize your lawn, identify the type of weed you're combating, and use the least amount of herbicide needed to control the weeds. Take the proper steps and you can get rid of these pesky weeds in short order.

   Using Mulch to Stop Weeds
If you are looking for a rather inexpensive and natural method that you can use to help stop weeds, then you need to consider using mulch. It may sound surprising, but using mulch to stop weeds is not that hard. All you need to do is follow these simple guidelines.

   Vinegar is Great for Killing Weeds
Weeds can be incredibly annoying as they pop up all over your yard and garden, and even in your pavement or patio. If you want a natural weed killer that won't be hazardous to your health, try spraying vinegar on your weeds. Vinegar will kill the weed in just a few days, and it won't be dangerous for your children or pets. You can add orange oil extract to your vinegar to make an even stronger weed killer.

   Weed Control
No matter how well you plan, design, or layout your garden it can quickly become ruined if you don't control any weeds that crop up. Weed control, though at times tricky, is something that anyone can do. All it really takes is a little preparation, research, and some diligence.

   What are Broadleaf Weeds?
One of the more common types of weeds that you can find infesting your lawn or garden is a broadleaf weed. But what are broadleaf weeds? You may be surprised to find out that these weeds are more than what their names suggest.

   What is Crabgrass Preventer?
What is crabgrass preventer? Chances are pretty good that if you have ever had questions about the best methods for taking care of your lawn, then you have heard the term before. But what is it? The answer to this, and other questions, can be found here.


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