Is Star of Bethlehem a Weed?

by Lee Wyatt
(last updated April 18, 2016)


Is Star of Bethlehem a weed or not? The answer to this question is both yes, and no. In all reality the answer to this question is dependent on you, and your outlook on a few things. Simply read these guidelines, and by the time you have finished reading you should have an answer as to whether or not Star of Bethlehem is a weed or not, at least for your particular garden.

  • What are your goals? Before you begin removing any Star of Bethlehem from your landscape or garden, you need to decide on what you want for them. The reason for this is that if Star of Bethlehem is used properly, you can easily use it as a decorative flower quite easily. Well, it can be used easily if the proper precautions are taken (it is an extremely aggressive plant after all).
  • Did you plant it? While you can always incorporate preexisting plants into your new garden or landscape design this isn't the case with a preexisting garden. If you haven't planted the Star of Bethlehem and it shows up without you really need to consider your options. Those options are basically whether or not you can work it into your design or not, and whether you are actually willing to remove it.
  • Can you work it into your design? If the plant shows up in area that has other plants, you may be able to work it into your overall design. Even if the plant shows up in an area that doesn't have other flowering plants, you may still be able to work the Star of Bethlehem into your design. This is a particularly good idea if you are going for a more "natural" look to your design.
  • Are you willing to remove it? One things that you need to really think about when considering whether or not to remove Star of Bethlehem is if you are actually willing to remove it. The reason you need to think about this is that Star of Bethlehem can be an exceptionally difficult plant to get rid of. To really get rid of Star of Bethlehem, you may need to invest several months of time, and even be willing to completely replace the entire area that has the flower in it. Make sure that you are really willing to do that work, invest that time, and possibly spend the money necessary to get the job done before you begin removing any of it.

Remember that Star of Bethlehem can be a weed if you aren't careful with it. The reason for this is rather simple, in that the definition of a weed is that it is a flower that you don't want. While it may seem a rather simple definition, it is a truthful one. Keep this definition in mind when you are planning out your garden no matter what type of plants you have in it.

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A picture would also BE very helpful.

2016-04-18 07:45:00

John Barrs

When the whole article is about a plant will you give its proper name(ie taxonomic identity) - I have no idea what you mean "by Star of Bethlehem" - what I call Star of Bethlehem is certainly not at all "aggressive" as you put it so I have no idea what you are talking about


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