Believe it or not, insects do have a purpose. They pollinate flowers, help in the breakdown of waste, and provide a food source for birds and other animals. When it comes to the everyday needs of your garden, however, it can be difficult to appreciate insects and their place in the world. This is particularly true when they begin attacking the plants you have worked so hard to cultivate.

In an effort to help you defend your garden from these pests, this section of tips is full of great information that will help you safely discourage insects from coming into your garden, or eliminate them completely. You'll find tips for dealing with many insects including ants, caterpillars, and grasshoppers.

Tips, Tricks, and Answers

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   Ants and Scales
Ants and scales are often two types of insects that can usually be found near one another, and which can cause all kinds of damage to your plants. Dealing with ants and scales is a fairly easy thing to do, if you are only willing to learn.

   Control Aphids Naturally
Aphids are tiny bugs that can sap the life out of your plants. Most aphid infestations can be washed off with water, but some require a rinse with a detergent solution. If you want to prevent aphid infestations, plant onions, garlic, or chives in with your plants.

   Control Caterpillars in Your Garden
Caterpillars can be both pretty and exciting for small children, but they will also destroy your garden if left alone. Inspect your plants regularly and remove caterpillars and their eggs by hand. You may also kill caterpillars with organic pesticides containing derris, pyrethrum, or caterpillar killing bacteria.

   Dealing with Beetles
Beetles can be one of the more difficult insect pests that a gardener has to deal with. They fly, have a voracious appetite, are difficult to prepare for, and are often a major pain to get rid of. However if proper steps are taken, dealing with beetles doesn't have to be such a hassle.

   Dealing with Wasps and Hornets
At even the best of times wasps and hornets can be such a mixed blessing that you can never tell whether they are a good thing or not. When dealing with wasps and hornets extreme care needs to be taken. Here are a few helpful suggestions that you can use to help get rid of these pests.

   Handling Grasshoppers
The most effective way to rid your lawn and garden of grasshoppers is to provide them with a more succulent meal away from your landscape. When that is not possible, consider finding their breeding ground and till the soil, destroying their eggs. Here are some more tips for handling grasshoppers.

   Killing Fire Ants
Fire ants are a common problem throughout the southern portion of the United States. Anyone who has ever tangled with these annoying little bugs knows just how much of a pain they can be—often literally. Fire ants can sting, bite, and cause a lot of pain for many people, and for those who happen to be allergic to them the results can be much, much worse. Killing fire ants is a surprisingly easy task, as long as you know what to do.

   Preventing Ants from Killing a Lemon Tree
To prevent ants from climbing your lemon tree, use a few common substances you probably already have on hand. Ants hate certain scents and won't cross them. Read this article to find some great ways to keep ants away from your lemon trees.


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