Fruit Trees

One of the greatest rewards of planting a garden is that of growing fresh fruits and vegetables. Fruit trees not only provide and shade and decoration in your landscape, they also provide fruit that can be used for your family.

This section of tips includes information about buying a fruit tree and some things you need to know about caring for your tree. You'll find tips on pollinating, pruning, and reviving these trees so they can produce fruit for your family to enjoy.

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   Buying Fruit Trees
Fruit trees are a great addition to any garden, especially if your family eats a lot of fruit. With all of the different types of trees available, though, how do you know which one to buy? With just a few simple guidelines to follow, you'll be on your way to buying the perfect fruit tree in no time.

   Fruit Tree Care
With their beautiful blooms and tasty fruit, it's easy to see how fruit trees are a great addition to any landscape design. However, no matter how much we might like to think that these favored types of trees are easy to care for, however they are not. Learn the tricks fruit tree care that will help you to have a truly beautiful, and bountiful, fruit tree.

   Fruit Trees in the Backyard
When planting fruit trees, make sure to give them plenty of room to grow, since wide root systems may damage your home. Plant your trees where they will receive lots of sunlight and warmth, and where the ground is well drained. Plant saplings about a foot into the soil, and make sure to research how best to prune and pollinate your type of fruit tree.

   Grafting Fruit Trees
If you are looking to increase the reproductive viability of your fruit trees, then you may want to look into grafting. Grafting fruit trees isn't all that difficult, but great care does need to be taken. After all, if you don't do it the right way, you can easily end up damaging your trees.

   Planting Pear Trees
Planting pear trees is a great method for not only adding a bit of beauty and elegance to your landscape, but also a way to help you become a little more self sufficient. Luckily planting a pear tree isn't all that difficult, as long as you understand some of the basics.

   Pollinating Apricot Trees
Have you ever noticed how it seems like there are times when your fruit trees just won't get pollinated like they are supposed to? When this happens, it is time to take matters into your own hands. Pollinating apricot trees is something that you can do, just like with any other gardening task. Here's how.

   Preventing Ants from Killing a Lemon Tree
To prevent ants from climbing your lemon tree, use a few common substances you probably already have on hand. Ants hate certain scents and won't cross them. Read this article to find some great ways to keep ants away from your lemon trees.

   Properly Pruning Fruit Trees
One of the fundamental ways to care for a fruit tree is to periodically prune it. However, you don't want to begin pruning fruit trees willy-nilly. Follow these simple steps to ensure that you are properly pruning, only when it is really needed.

   Pruning Fruit Trees
Pruning fruit trees is essential for them to give good fruit. As you cut back the tree in winter, it encourages the tree to grow in a certain way and dedicate its resources to where it should be. Cut back the tree for the first four years to four main laterals, making sure everything on these grow outward and upward. After four years your tree will be established, and all pruning should be minor, mostly to keep off dead and diseased wood.

   Raising Cherry Trees
While raising cherry trees can prove challenging, the eventual crop of fruit is well worth the trouble. The most important thing you can do to raise your cherry tree to bear fruit is to ensure that the ground is prepared and maintained correctly so that your tree will thrive.

   Reviving Fruit Trees
Fruit trees are a wonderful addition to just about any garden, when they are flourishing. However, when they are struggling, fruit trees can quickly become an ugly eyesore that you will want to remove. Instead of throwing in the towel, and removing that tree, why not revive it? Reviving fruit trees is fairly easy to do, though it can take some time.


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