Shade can be refreshing on a hot summer day. However, having too much of a good thing is not always desirable. When dealing with shade in your garden, it is important to consider where the sun shines and where it doesn't. Regardless of how sunny your yard is, you can have a beautiful garden.

If you have a lot of shade, you'll want to consider shade plants and there is a tip in this section about working with, rather than against, the shade in your yard. Some yards, on the other hand, can use a bit more shade. You'll find another tip here about choosing a good shade tree.

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   Choosing a Shade Tree
Choosing a shade tree requires more thought than the labor of planting it. You need to think in terms of how it will fit into your landscape design when it is mature. Perform research at a tree farm or local nursery to help you determine which type of shade tree is best suited for your needs.

   Creating a Woodland Garden
While many people may think that living in a heavily wooded area means that there is going to be little to no gardening, this couldn't be further from the truth. In reality, all you need to do is follow a few simple guidelines, and you will find that creating a woodland garden is in reality very easy to do.

   Shade Gardening
Having a garden when there really is no direct sunlight can be a challenge. Don't despair; there are ways that that you can have a garden even in the shade.

   Working with Shade
Shade, while a wonderful and relaxing thing for many home, can quickly lead to the death of a garden or lawn. If you are interested in working with shade, then you need to learn how to do it properly. Otherwise, well...let's just say that you may need to do more work than you want over the year.


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