Perennial flowers and plants are a great way to keep your garden easy to bring back to life each spring. Once you plant the initial flower or bush, if properly care for, it will come back year and year.

The tips in this section will help you plant and grow beautiful tulips, poinsettia, and daisies. You'll also find some tips about caring for your perennials and how to do deal with some common problems that could crop up.

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   Caring for Perennials
Perennials are plants that can survive for multiple growing seasons. Before planting your perennials, you should prepare the soil and use a fertilizer if necessary. You can cut back your perennials in winter to help prevent disease and keep your plants looking nice through the inclement weather.

   Caring for Poinsettias
Poinsettias are one of the most beloved of all "Christmas" plants, and are sought out year after year for their beauty and charm. While these plants are most often a houseplant in northern climates, it is possible to transfer them outdoors if you know the proper steps for caring for poinsettias.

   Choosing No-Fail Plants
Regardless of skill level, having a successful garden is the dream of any gardener. One of the best ways to ensure that you have a great looking flower garden lies in choosing no-fail plants. Here are some guidelines that you can use to help ensure that you choose the best possible plants for your garden.

   Darling Daffodils
Originating from the woodlands of Europe, daffodils are from the Narcissus family and are one of the most easily-grown flowers in the world. Daffodils come in many shades of many colors and bloom each spring, increasing in size and number as the years go on. No wonder daffodils are a springtime favorite of gardeners the world over.

   Dealing with Common Bulb Problems
Some of the most common bulb problems involve pests such as squirrels, rabbits, and insects. Protect your bulbs against pests with sprays and screens. Ensure that your bulbs are healthy when you purchase them and do not over water them, as they will simply rot away.

   Full-sun Perennials
Full sun perennials are a great investment for any gardener. Find out how easy it is to plant a full sun perennial garden.

   Growing Daisies
Daisies are a beautiful and easy to grow flower. Once you find the daisy you like, choose a spot that is well drained, rich in soil, and receives plenty of sun. Fertilize the flowers monthly and before they bloom, and you will have a beautiful garden with award-winning daisies.

   Keeping Bulbs Healthy During the Winter
When the proper steps are taken, it is entirely possible to store bulbs during the cold winter months. In fact, if you know what to do, keeping bulbs healthy during the winter isn't all that difficult. All you need to do is follow these steps.

   Planting the Christmas Poinsettia
Instead of throwing away your beautiful Christmas poinsettia, consider planting it in your yard. Make sure to tend the plant inside until the temperature has risen significantly. Cut back the faded parts of the plant and give your poinsettia a home that receives sunlight during the day and darkness at night. Water and fertilize your poinsettia regularly, and you'll have a gorgeous plant all year.

   Taking Care of Hydrangea
Hydrangeas are a perfect addition to any garden. Not only are these flowers beautiful, they are also extremely easy to take care of. Learn just how easy it is with the help of these great guidelines.

   Terrific Tulips
Tulips are a beautiful and easy to grow plant. Even if conditions are not right, most tulips are forgiving and will grow bright. Make them better by planting them just before the first frost about a foot in the ground. Watch them grow in the spring. When the tulip has died off, remove the bulb and store it for next year.

   The Best Bulbs for Damp Soil
Bulbs are a great spring time plant that can bring a wonderful variety of color, and help announce that warmer weather is finally here. However, most bulbs don't do too well with damp soil. Here is a list of the best bulbs for damp soil so you can properly plan your garden.

   The Best Bulbs for Dry Soil
Bulbs are a great spring time plant that can bring a wonderful variety of color, and help announce that warmer weather is finally here. However, not all bulbs can do well in dry soil. Never fear though, here is list of the best bulbs for dry soil to help you choose which ones you should plant in your garden.

   When to Plant Bulbs
Bulb plants are some of the most beautiful and low maintenance plants around. Simply plant them in the ground at the right time, show them a little care, and sit back and watch the show. The trick though is trying to figure out when to plant bulbs. If you know when to do that, you can't really go wrong.


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