Flower gardens add color to your landscaping and brighten your yard. Planting annuals is a quick, easy way to start your garden that doesn't cost a lot. Annual flowers usually last for one season when care for properly. When the growing season is over, the annuals will die and will not return the next year.

You'll find tips here about how to care for your annuals. There are articles specifically about daisies and sunflowers. If you take care of your annuals, you should have beautiful flowers all summer.

Tips, Tricks, and Answers

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   Caring for Annuals
Annuals are fairly easy to care for. If you plant them properly at the right time, annuals will have no problems surviving the season. Make sure to plant your annuals after the chances of frost have diminished and to water them only when they are newly planted.

   Caring for Daisies
Daisies have long been a favorite among gardeners for a variety of reasons. Not only are these beautiful flowers pleasant to look at, they are also fairly easy to maintain and grow. The trick, though, lies not in making them grow, but in making them truly thrive.

   Growing Giant Sunflowers
Sunflowers are a bright and easy to grow plant. Depending on the variety, they grow from 18 inches to 15 feet tall. Plant sunflowers after the last frost. Choose the one you want and plant it in a bright area. Make sure to water it until it sprouts, and give it plenty of room to grow. Soon you will have big, beautiful sunflowers that will brighten your day while growing and leave behind a great snack once it dies.


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