Natural Herbicides

Weeds have a tendency to grow in just about any environment and if they aren't properly controlled, they can take over your garden. You want your garden to look its best which means you will need to prevent those weeds from growing in the first place.

There are a few things you can do to control the weeds in your garden. The old-fashioned way of pulling the weeds out by hand is preferable to some people because it does not involve chemicals. If the idea of pulling weeds doesn't sound appealing but you don't want to use chemicals, a natural herbicide might be the solution you are looking for.

The tips in this section will help you understand when to use this type of weed killer. You'll also learn how to use some common household products such as vinegar to control the weeds.

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   Organic Herbicides
Weeds will constantly crop up in any garden. Herbicides can be an effective way to remove weeds when applied correctly. If you do not want to use a synthetic chemical in your yard, try an organic herbicide. Although generally less effective and permanent than a synthetic herbicide, it is safer to use and less damaging to the environment.

   Vinegar is Great for Killing Weeds
Weeds can be incredibly annoying as they pop up all over your yard and garden, and even in your pavement or patio. If you want a natural weed killer that won't be hazardous to your health, try spraying vinegar on your weeds. Vinegar will kill the weed in just a few days, and it won't be dangerous for your children or pets. You can add orange oil extract to your vinegar to make an even stronger weed killer.


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