Fragrant Rose Bushes

Written by Amy Gordon (last updated December 19, 2022)


As the old saying goes, sometimes you need to stop and smell the roses. One of the most relaxing, greatest experiences is to breathe in the scent of great smelling roses. What makes the great-smelling roses even better is if you grew them yourself in your own garden. If you want to grow great smelling roses, you have come to the right place. Just be ready to give your roses what they want, since sometimes they can be very demanding.

When you go to plant your roses, the most important thing you can do is plant the roses in the right spot. Like most other plants, roses need sunlight. For the best results, plant the roses in a place where they get about six hours of sunlight. This, of course, will vary depending on the time of year, but do your best. It is also important to note that sunlight in the morning is better, since it will dry off the dew that settles on the plants overnight.

The next thing that you need to do while planting your roses is make sure that they will grow in an area with plenty of drainage. Roses need water, but if they are inundated, they will not grow as well as if they are mostly dry.

Roses will also need the nutrients from the soil, and richer soil is always best. If your lawn is full of nutrients, you do not have to worry; otherwise, consider using a fertilizer to help the roses get the nutrients they need.

If you have planted your roses in the right spot, caring for them is fairly straightforward. Roses need a lot of water: give them a good, deep watering two times a week. Make sure that the watering is deep, because if you just do a shallow watering more often, the water will not penetrate as deep as it should. Although we encourage you to let most plants find their own water if they are planted in the ground, roses will need constant help if you want them to grow well. Another continual tip you should consider is giving your roses fertilizer every month or so. If you go to a gardening center, you should be able to find fertilizer specifically for roses.

If you follow these few steps, soon you will have the roses you want. Then, whenever you are working in your garden, you will easily be able to stop and smell the roses.

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2013-05-14 04:59:37

Dr eli Mama

good advice. It is a pity the emphasis is now more on size and not perfumed rose. What about "brewers yeast drenching" during the growing season?


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