Hold Open Your Trash Bag when Sweeping Leaves

by Amy Gordon
(last updated November 23, 2018)


While many people enjoy hearing the sound of crisp leaves under their feet or jumping in a large pile of leaves, raking up leaves is usually not too fun. Some types of leaves are very difficult to rake up, and then once everything is in a pile, you somehow have to put all the leaves into a garbage bag. Gathering all your leaves into a bag can be very difficult, especially when the bag refuses to stay open.

If you have ever had this problem while raking your lawn or sweeping anything outside that needed to be put in a bag, just try this little hint. You will find that you will be able to quickly get what you want into a bag, and gathering leaves will be quicker and easier than ever before.

What you will need to make this trick work is a garbage bag and a TV tray stand. You will not need the actual TV tray itself, just the stand. If you do not have one, try searching at a local garage sale.

Once you have what you need, just pull the bag over the TV tray stand, with the stand just inside the bag. The strand will turn into a frame that will support the bag and hold it open. Using this method, you can then either pick up the leaves and put them in, or, even better, turn the bag with the frame on its side and rake the leaves into the bag. You will be much less frustrated and will not even need a second person to help you do the job.

The same trick will work while sweeping up your porch or driveway. Just put the frame into the bag to keep it open, turn the bag onto its side, and sweep everything right into the open bag. If you use this method, you will not have to deal with a dustpan to pick up load after load.

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Amy Gordon

Amy Gordon loves keeping things simple, natural, and safe so she can spend more time having fun. Every day she learns new things about making life at home easier and she loves to share it with you! ...


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What is six more than 2?

2013-10-22 14:31:02

Kelly Smith

I have tried using a TV tray for a number of years but always found a few problems wit it. The bags wouldn't stay on it, sometimes it would collapse, and other times the bags would tear because of the being full with leaves and trying to separate the two. I found a company that produces a Handy Bag Ringer called Grapplers: http://www.grapplersinc.com/the-handy-bag-opener/

I now have one for each of my kids and we get our large yard cleaned up rather quickly.


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