Dealing With Moles Naturally

Written by Lee Wyatt (last updated November 22, 2021)


Moles can be, and often are, a pain for both novice and experienced gardeners. While there are many different ways that you can go about dealing with moles, the best way is to try dealing with them naturally. Dealing with moles naturally is not only a better option for the environment as a whole, it is also safer for your family as a whole. After all it would only take a minor accident when using chemical methods to end up causing your family to get sick, or worse. Here are a few simple methods that you can use to begin dealing with any moles that you may find in your garden.

  • Powdered cayenne pepper. A long term solution to moles is to simply pour a little bit of powdered cayenne pepper down the entrance of any burrow holes that you may find. Moles definitely do not like cayenne pepper, and this solution will drive them away. Best of all, this solution offers no danger to any animals, insects, or people that may become exposed to it.
  • Install mole barriers. Mole barriers are cloth or aluminum sheeting that can be buried around a garden, or around the perimeter of your landscape. Burry these barriers to a depth of two or three feet, and about six inches above ground to prevent any moles from getting in. Keep in mind though, that this method only really works for smaller areas and not for particularly large yards.
  • Castor oil. When you water your lawn and garden, use a spray bottle to also apply a little bit of castor oil. Castor oil is another natural repellent for moles, and will typically remain in the soil until the next rain.
  • Odiferous plants. There are certain plants that moles really don't like, and they can also be utilized in your garden or landscaping schemes. Such plants as "skunk lilies" (also known as chocolate lilies), and garlic have a strong odor which the mole finds to be extremely distasteful. With a few of these planted around your yard or in your vegetable garden, you can help prevent any moles from causing any problems.
  • Get a pet. One of the easier natural methods that you can use to help deal with moles, is to get a cat. These natural enemies of moles will hunt down the rodents and deal with them, if you let the cat outside that is. If you don't want to let the cat outside, then dispose of some of the used kitty litter down a mole hole, and they should leave rather quick.

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What is nine minus 5?

2016-08-13 12:40:43

K. Maude

Solar pest repellents did not work for us, as we strategically placed them 30-40 feet apart and the mole(s) just showed up to make more new mounds close to the solar items. So, we got our money back after more than 10 dyas of effort. I'll try a cayenne method as mole traps, ike the one we bought and set as per instructions, did nothing.

2015-01-05 11:46:06


I have found that dog poo down the hole and a bit of bleach as well does the trick

2013-02-10 11:20:39

martin mukhwana

Very helpful article.


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