Why Does the Shape of Greenhouses Matter?

by Lee Wyatt
(last updated January 13, 2021)


Have you ever noticed how many different shapes there are to greenhouses? There are literally dozens of different kinds, styles, and shapes of greenhouses available with more being introduced all the time. So why does the shape of greenhouses matter? The answer to this question is that it both does, and does not. This may seem a little contradictory, but a more detailed explanation is listed below.

  • Purpose. Perhaps the single most important aspect that helps determine the final shape of your greenhouse is the purpose of the greenhouse you want to use. For example, if you are going to be having a very simple greenhouse, one that is primarily used as a storage place for your garden supplies and tools, you may want to go with the fairly traditional barn shape. Take the time to consider why you want a greenhouse, and what you will be using it for primarily before you make your final decision.
  • Aesthetics. Closely behind the general purpose of your greenhouse, is aesthetics. In this particular case this means that you need to consider whether you like the shape, or how it looks. Not all designs or shapes of greenhouses look the same, and you should pick several that you like the look of.
  • Overall look. While you are looking at the aesthetics of your potential greenhouses, you need to stop and think about how it will interact with the rest of your landscape. It may not seem very important, but you really do need to stop and think about the overall look of your greenhouse, yard, and home, to ensure that you choose something that you can actually live with. Ideally you will want to choose something that can interact with all aspects of the exterior of your home and fit harmoniously with everything else.
  • Space. Space plays a huge role in the overall shape of your potential greenhouse. Not only are you looking for space inside the greenhouse, but the space in your yard as well. You want to choose a location that will be large enough for your greenhouse, and choose a design (or shape) that will fit that space appropriately. One thing about space that you need to keep in mind is that the interior space of the greenhouses will be different for each type of greenhouse. For example, a geodesic dome has a bit more interior space than a gothic style greenhouse.

So now that you know why the shape of your greenhouse both does, and does not matter, you can begin to make a decision about what kind of greenhouse you want to use. Keep in mind that regardless of the shape or size you finally decide on, the biggest thing that you need worry about is whether or not you like it. After all, you are the one that has to use it and live with it.

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2016-12-12 19:07:33

david drake

I am building a greenhouse.However I think that the architecture of most if not all greenhouses are a bit naff. There must be more than: a box with a roof or a dome arched thing etc. Throwing in a few Victorian or Edwardian mouldings etc.
I am minded to make a greenhouse that has planes of glass that give the green house some interest. I take my lead from natural crystals.

If there are some stylish green house designs I would like to see some. Mine is not built yet but It soon will be.




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