Naturally Keeping Deer Out of Your Garden

by Amy Gordon
(last updated November 2, 2016)


Deer are beautiful, graceful animals that can be fun to watch when in the right setting. The right setting is usually far in the woods where nothing is around. Deer, however, are found very often in places where they can be annoying and dangerous. Deer in the road have caused more than a few accidents, and deer in the garden have destroyed more than a few crops. Although there is nothing we can do about keeping them out of the road, there are a few things that you can do to keep them out of your garden. Keep in mind that most of these tactics are only temporary solutions, and may prove to be ineffective altogether.

Best way to keep deer out of your garden is to fence the area off completely. Deer are very good jumpers, and the fence will have to be very high. One of my friends actually has an entire cage around his garden since deer would jump over his very high fence. This will certainly keep the deer out, but it is expensive, and limited your garden in size. If all you want is a small garden and have the resources to do so, it is definitely the best solution.

Another very effective solution is to get a dog that scares the deer away. The mere presence of the dog will not help: it has to be trained to run the deer off. This also may not work for various reasons, such as having no place to keep the dog, or the dog running through the garden, but if the dog is trained right, it will work very well.

Every other solution may work, but they are usually only temporary fixes and probably will not work at all in times of draught. Various scents will often keep deer away. Try using urine of predators. Soap shavings are also said to work at times. You can also try sprinkling human hair around the garden. Commercial products also exist to keep deer away, but they are not always effective.

Another solution to keeping the deer out of your garden is to make other places more tempting. This can be done by either only growing plants that deer do not like in your garden, or putting something they like better a little ways off. You can try either other plants or salt licks. These should work in most years, but if conditions are bad enough, the deer will eat anything.

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Amy Gordon

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What is six more than 8?

2016-11-02 11:57:19


And - if you have got to the point where you accept you cannot keep the deer out of the garden, make a preferred spot for them, and not preferred spots.

They like to have a route to run away, so make one in the preferred spot, and make the not preferred areas cluttered and enclosed so they avoid the entrapment areas and those areas where they cannot stand to eat, or check the surroundings.

Oh yes - I, and the dogs like venison!
Very nice at Xmas - but we don't get reindeer round here!


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