Creating an Entry Garden

Written by Lee Wyatt (last updated August 13, 2021)


If you are looking to add a bit of green curb appeal to your home, then you may want to seriously consider creating an entry garden Typically, these gardens can be used to brighten up drab and boring homes, while also providing you a great way to experience the whole gardening lifestyle. Best of all, you can usually make entry gardens fit your hectic lifestyle a whole lot easier than with a traditional garden.

  • Start by cleaning up. Before you can actually begin creating an entry garden, you need to know what you are working with. Do this by cleaning up the entry way, and if necessary using this opportunity as a chance for a little home improvement. With these kinds of gardens you usually want to use existing architectural features, so improve or fix any railings, benches, or other items that are currently in place.
  • The brighter the better. For most people bright colors are usually more appealing, so keep this in mind when creating an entry garden for your home. Remember that the entry area is one of the first places that visitors will see when they come over, so choose colors that will be viewed as warm and inviting to help accentuate the area.
  • Containers are a must. Considering that you will be usually working with hard surfaces, don't be afraid to utilize planting containers as much as you possibly can. A classic example of this is homes that have two large planters on either side of the door which contain several plants or flowers. Don't be afraid to expand on this though, and go with some containers on any stairs or walkways as well.
  • Surround the door. If at all possible, try to flank the front door so that you can add a little drama and even a little depth that you may be lacking. For example, if you can, plant a couple of trees on either side of your door which will provide a nice frame, and then place a couple of beautiful and stylish containers immediately on either side of the doorway. This will provide depth and help draw the eyes towards the door itself.
  • Accessorize! For those who have the space, don't be afraid to add a bench, swing, or some other type of accessory that can be both practical and attractive. Benches can be a huge help when you have groceries or other items that need to be set down momentarily while also providing an inviting sitting area for any visitors that may come over.
  • Light it up. When creating an entry garden be sure that you choose your lighting carefully. Don't choose any lighting options that can overpower your gardening decor during the nighttime, but rather choose those that will enhance what you are creating. Where possible, use soft lights or indirect lighting that will both create an area that you can both easily see and doesn't blind those who may be coming to visit.
  • Think outside the box. Many people consider flower gardens to be things that need to stay within flower boxes, or only certain areas of the home (such as the back yard). Instead, why not incorporate a flower garden into your design when creating an entry garden? Don't forget that your front entry will most often be the place that get's the most direct sunlight, so take advantage of the space and resources to create something that is truly memorable.

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