Garden Storage Dilemma? Metal Storage Buildings May Be Your Answer

by Brian Schmidt
(last updated October 15, 2014)

Now, the question is where can you neatly store all of this paraphernalia? You are already bulging at the seams with stored "stuff"; the kind of stuff that you would never part with but must be stored to preserve it all.

Well now is the time to plan your new storage garage. You can look around your yard and see where the best place for a storage building would be. The building can be constructed and when the weather turns you are prepared to neatly store all of your garden treasures.

You may want to customize your storage garage. With metal building kits, that will be no problem. Most metal garage kits are completely customizable. They are virtually maintenance free. And as an added bonus, many of these metal building kits are very economical.

Start your planning by assessing exactly what your new building will be used for.

You will want space to store all of your summer garden equipment and accessories – including the furniture. Now how much space will that take?

You may have some winter equipment that will need to be stored. How much space do you require for that?

You may want to add a small (or large) greenhouse area to your garage or garden storage building. How much space will you require for your plants, potting bench etc.?

What about a metal hobby shop area? You can easily include space to work at your favorite pastime be it bonsai, building wooden planters, ironwork for gardens or working with stained glass.

Take a moment to think of what you may want or require in the future and plan for some space for those items as well.

What "look" do you want from your new storage garage? If it is close to your house you may want to have it blend-in with the style of your house. If it is in the garden you may want to have it as a focal point or even disappear behind some trailing plants and vines. (This planting is one of the reasons to start planning now.)

With this information you will be able to determine the size, shape and look of your new storage building. Don't forget to figure out the number, sizes and styles of doors and windows.

Armed with all of this information you can now approach a few suppliers to quote on exactly what you want in a storage garage building. Metal building dealers can provide you with everything you will need to construct your new metal storage garage building. You provide the foundation and floor and they'll provide the rest – including insulation if you require it.

Make sure that all of the suppliers or dealers are quoting on exactly the same metal storage building package. If one supplier misses something, contact them and ask them why they have not included that item.

Now you have your quotations and you can compare "apples to apples" and make an informed purchase.

Now all that's left is to wait for spring to break and you're off to the races. By late spring you could have your building erected and be completing the gardens and landscape for your new prize.

Author Bio

Brian Schmidt

Brian A. Schmidt is the publisher of He has decades of experience in the construction industry. Check out more information regarding metal prefab garage kits, shops and storage buildings. ...


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