Choosing a Sprinkler System

Written by Lee Wyatt (last updated July 4, 2022)

Have you ever noticed how many different sprinkler systems there are out there? There are so many available, that if you go to just about any home improvement store, you will find entire sections of it dedicated to nothing more than sprinkler systems. All of this confusion and chaos can easily make choosing a sprinkler system somewhat problematic. Luckily, there are a few guidelines that you can use to help make the whole decision making process a little bit easier. These guidelines are designed to help you determine what will work best for your lawn care.

  • Understand your options. Before you go out and drop a couple thousand dollars on a top of the line sprinkler system, make sure that you understand all the options that you have available. After all, why spend several thousand dollars, when something that only costs you $5 will work just as well if not better? Keep in mind that those systems that will only cost you $5 will usually require that you go out and manually turn the water on or off, and that you keep an eye out to ensure that you do not over water. In comparison, you can get some systems that will turn on and off for you, water for a predetermined amount of time, and so on. Take the time to fully research all of your options before making your final decision.
  • Separate your lawn into "zones." Water pressure can be a fairly tricky thing, and as such makes it somewhat difficult to get the water to your entire system at once. Typically, the more expensive systems will switch the water on and off from different sections to ensure that your lawn get's watered. To get the maximum effect from your sprinkler system you will need to take a little bit of time to divide your lawn up into different "zones." These zones will be where you place the various sprinkler heads, pipes, and other items that make up your system. By drawing out this plan, you will also be able to make it easier for your entire lawn to receive some moisture.
  • Take a look at the available heads. There are all kinds of different sprinkler heads that you can choose from; in fact, there are some systems that don't even use sprinkler heads, but rather hoses. The most common type of sprinkler heads is the ones that stick up from the ground a few inches and then rotate as the water sprays. These types are usually used only on large area lawns. When looking at the heads, make sure that you choose one that will be as water efficient as possible, and preferably adjustable as well.

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