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Repelling Birds

Have you ever waited with anticipation to harvest your crop of berries, only to find that you have to fight with the birds to see who gets to them first? There are times when I've planted flower bulbs, only to find that the starlings and crows have made away with them. If you have problems with birds stealing your garden crops, nesting in your gutters, or infesting your trees in flocks, then it is time to think of ways to repel the birds.

You're not alone if you find that you have a bird problem. Millions of people the world over buy billions of dollars worth of humane products to repel birds from their gardens, trees, homes, and businesses. There are several categories of bird control and they include visual deterrents, taste aversions, barriers, and sound repellants. Follow these guidelines when choosing the bird repellant that may be right for your situation:

  • The objective when using a visual bird replant is to make the bird feel unsafe. If the bird feels uncomfortable, it will not stick around to destroy your crop. Tie aluminum pie plates to long strings and dangle them from tree branches. Or use old CDs for the same purpose. The twirling motion in the sun will provide a sun glint and perhaps scare the birds away. Plastic owls can also provide a visual scare, but you need to move them about your property every few weeks so that the smart birds won't become too comfortable when they figure out that the owl never moves.
  • Ingredients that you apply to crops that may taste or smell bad to birds may help repel them. You can purchase such products at a nursery or your local home improvement store. You will need to reapply the product often for best results.
  • Netting is effective as a barrier to birds and other animals, such as squirrels and deer. You can purchase rolls of netting to wind around bushes, over frames, and inside of gutters. However, netting and netting accessories will change the look of your home and property. You can also purchase invisible bird barriers in a chemical form, safe for animals and humans. You will need to reapply the chemical at least once a year for optimal results.
  • Sonic repellers and sound systems are quite effective for repelling birds, as long as the sound emitted is random in timing as well as pitch. Sound systems may be annoying to humans, as well as birds. For that reason, some home owners decide to purchase ultrasonic systems that humans cannot hear. Such systems are quite expensive, however.

Whatever method you choose to use to repel birds, keep in mind that some birds are protected species, and if you decide to kill birds, you could be punished by local and federal laws.


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Joe Hann    02 Mar 2013, 04:38
I've had some issues with birds and I have tried so many ways to deter them from my garden.
I found plastic predators have limited use, and sonic repellers can be tough to use if you live close to your neighbours.

For all my findings you can try
<a href="http://www.ScarecrowVsBirds.com">My Bird Scarer Review Page</a>

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