If a picture is worth a thousand words then what is a motion picture worth? When you are learning to do something new, watching someone demonstrate the process can be priceless.

The tips in this section are made up of videos. You'll be able to see, not just read about, how to make your garden the best it can be. How to grow daisies and zucchini, building a retaining wall, and getting rid of dandelions using salt are a few of the videos you can watch.

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   Building a Retaining Wall - Video
If you have a yard that is full of hills and dales, then the best way to have a garden just might be to have a retaining wall. Here are some helpful tips for when you are building a retaining wall.

   Get Rid of Couch Grass - Video
Couch grass can be a hazard to anyone's lawn or garden. Here is some easy tips that you can use to get rid of this natural nastiness.

   Getting Rid of Tent Worms - Video
Tent worms are these disgusting little bugs, and they'll get in your tree, and they'll literally eat it and kill it. But I say, how about we kill the tent worms before they kill our tree. Keep watching, and I'll show you how.

   Growing Daisies - Video
Whether you are wanting to learn the basics of gardening, or you simply love them for their beauty, daisies are a wonderful flower to grow. Here are some great tips for growing daisies.

   Growing Zucchini - Video
Zucchini is a wonderful and easy addition to any home vegetable garden. Here is how you too can have some wonderful zucchini in your next home vegetable garden.

   Kill Dandelions with Salt - Video
Although the little yellow dandelions are pretty, you're going to want to eventually get rid of them, because they are a breeding ground for couch grass.

   Make Your Own Natural Insecticide - Video
Insecticides are way too expensive, and they don't even work that well. I'm going to show you how to make your own insecticide.

   Raised Bed Gardening - Video
You may have seen raised bed gardens in many commercial nurseries and flower stores. Anyone can have a professional looking raised garden bed, I simply need to show you how raised bed gardening will work for any plant.

   Understanding Types of Peppers - Video
The pepper is one of those quintessential ingredients for cooking. In order to use them properly when cooking, it helps to have a little understanding of the types of peppers there are.

   Vegetable Garden Irrigation - Video
As any experienced gardener can tell you, one of the trickier parts to having a home vegetable garden is irrigation. Here are a few different options for vegetable garden irrigation.


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